Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Baptismal Consultation

APLM continues to play a leading role promoting and strengthening baptismal ministry in the church. The 2009 General Convention of the Episcopal Church in Anaheim unanimously passed a resolution mandating a second baptismal consultation to produce a wide variety of resources that will be brought to the 2012 General Convention for action. The first consultation was co-convened by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and APLM in 2007 to shape the agenda that was subsequently endorsed by General Convention. The following outcomes will be offered in 2012:

  • Theological reflection on the vision of baptismal community and ministry expressed in the Book of Common Prayer (TEC) and the Book of Alternative Services (Canada)
  • Strategies and resources supportive of Christian formation in light of this vision
  • Educational resources to foster Episcopal identity and the development of rites to celebrate "becoming Episcopalian"
  • Training programs and rites for certifying leadership positions in the Episcopal Church
  • Proposed revisions to canon law (TEC) to conform the canons to the baptismal theology of The Book of Common Prayer, removing obstacles to full baptismal ministry.

The members of the baptismal consultation were appointed in 2007 by the Presiding Bishop and APLM. They represent the diverse voices needed at the table for this project to succeed. These include bishops, theologians, liturgists, Christian educators, parish clergy, canon lawyers and justice advocates:

Neil Alexander, Henry Parsley, Joe Burnett, Wayne Smith, Wilfrido Ramos-Orench, Joe Doss, Ruth Meyers, Louis Weil, Jim Turrell, Lee Mitchell, Bill Petersen, Byron Rushing (co-convenor), Linda Grenz, John Westerhoff, Sharon Pearson, Ruth-Ann Collins, Marilyn Haskell, Ginger Paul, Hisako Beasley, Sally Johnson, Devon Anderson, Clay Morris, Georgia Beardsley, Michael Merriman, Stephanie Spellers, John Johnson, and Robert Brooks.

The baptismal consultation will meet in April, 2010, at Holy Cross Parish in Shreveport, LA, to prepare its materials for the church and its report to General Convention.

APLM welcomes and appreciates further donations in support of the Consultation and our ongoing efforts.