Sunday, March 15, 2009


A Buddhist list serve sent this to me today, I think it speaks well to Juan's post:

We live in the same world, but in different worlds. The differences come partly from our living in different places. If you live to the east of a mountain and I to the west, my world will have a mountain blocking its sunrises, and yours its sunsets. But—depending on what we want out of the world—our worlds can also differ even when we stand in he same place. A painter, a skier, and a miner looking at a mountain from the same side will see different mountains.

–Thanissaro Bhikkhu, The Paradox of Becoming

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Juan Oliver said...


Thanks for the great quote. It reminds me how hard it is for human beings not to assume that everything and everybody is the same (as one self) everywhere. If we even acknowledge difference it is usually to condemn it or put it down. What a waste!