Saturday, June 12, 2010

An Update from Council

Your APLM Council's annual meeting continues to be rich and productive. On Friday, we heard from a number of doctoral students from Drew and GTS. Their research demonstrated APLM's important contribution to liturgical renewal in the past. Their presentations also added to our current conversation and work as an organization. Some of their material will appear as online videos or articles in our online journal, OPEN. When these are posted, you will be notified where to find them.

We also heard presentations from Melissa Hartley and John Hill addressing the theological and ecclesiological issues that must be addressed in considering the practice of "Open Communion." John's brief talk will be posted online and his article is planned for a future issue of Liturgy Canada. We will post this, too, when a final copy is available.

Today, Council is outlining a schedule of meetings and conferences leading to, and following up on the upcoming meeting of General Convention (TEC, 2012) and General Synod (Anglican Church of Canada, 2013).

We appreciate your continued interest, and your emails, postings, and other forms of feedback.

Please check your APLM group page and respond to the question posted about Open Communion.

Many thanks,

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